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2019 Fun Shoots

Participation in the LIFE Fun Shoots is open to Hawaii Rifle Association members only. Interested participants who are not HRA members can join on site.   CLICK HERE to learn more about joining HRA.

Attire for the Fun Shoot include closed toed shoes appropriate for range activity. NO SLIPPERS, SANDALS, OR OPEN BACK TYPE SHOES. Shirts should have a t-shirt type, or button up collar. NO LOW CUT TOPS, TANK TOPS, OR OTHER ATTIRE THAT DOES NOT PROVIDE REASONABLE PROTECTION FROM FLYING BRASS. Shorts are OK. Hats and sunscreen are recommended. No water or food is provided, so please make sure to bring what you think you might need.

New LIFE graduates are welcome to attend even if they have not yet purchased their guns, as many of the instructors will allow you to use their guns as you continue to build your skill set and confidence. However, PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN AMMUNITION.

***Fee for Fun Shoot: $5 for each attendee.***

January 13, 2019 Private Shoot KHSC
January 27, 2019 LIFE Class KHSC
February 24, 2019 LIFE Class KHSC
March 10, 2019 LIFE Class KHSC
March 16, 2019 & March 17, 2019 Gun Show  Blaisdell
March 24, 2019 Fun Shoot KHSC
April 28, 2019 LIFE Class KHSC
May 26, 2019 LIFE Class KHSC
June 9, 2019 LIFE Class KHSC
June 23, 2019 Fun Shoot KHSC
July 20 & July 21, 2019 Shooting Sports Fair KHSC
August 11, 2019 SSF Thank You BBQ KHSC
August 25, 2019 Fun Shoot KHSC
September 22, 2019 HRA Annual Meeting KHSC
September 28 – 29, 2019 Gun Show Blaisdell
October 27, 2019 LIFE Class KHSC
November 10, 2019 Fun Shoot KHSC
November 10, 2019 FNRA Dinner
November 24, 2019 LIFE Class KHSC
December 29, 2019 Instructor Competition  KHSC

Lessons in Firearms Education