Instructor Training Classes

LIFE offers annual classes for those who desire to be certified as NRA Instructors. We conduct classes in the following disciplines:

    • Pistol

    • Rifle

    • Shotgun

These classes are typically from 10 – 14 hours each, not including a mandatory 6 hour pre-class.

Our primary reason for offering the pistol instructor class is to recruit instructors for our monthly handgun safety classes. If you are a LIFE graduate or a firearms enthusiast interested in giving something back to the community, we’d love to have you on board!

Instructor classes are for people who are experienced shooters. Part of the screening process you will go through involves meeting a LIFE instructor at the range and demonstrating to our satisfaction that you are a safety conscious and reasonably competent shooter.

If you are interested in becoming an NRA instructor, email us. Copy and paste the questionnaire below into the body of your email, along with your answers. We will place you on our wait list, and contact you when we begin scheduling the next round of classes.


    • Home Phone:

    • Cell phone:

    • City, ZIP:

    • Address:

    • Age:

    • Name:

  1. Which class(es) are you interested in taking?

  2. Are you an NRA member? If so, what is your NRA membership number?

  3. What level of membership?(Annual, life, etc:)

  4. Why do you wish to become an NRA Certified Instructor?

  5. Where do you plan to conduct the classroom and range portions of your courses?

  6. After endorsing you for instructor certification, your Training Counselor is responsible for helping you find an instructor team.

  7. Please list any NRA Certified Instructors you know personally with whom you would be interested in working.

  8. Briefly describe any previous teaching experience (shooting and non-shooting related).

  9. Briefly describe your shooting/firearms experience and interests, including the types of firearms you have fired, how long you’ve been shooting, and how often you shoot.

Lessons in Firearms Education